Elder Abuse Project

A letter from Eugene to Valerian Marochko, Executive Director, CCLC London:


I wish to extend my gratitude for all the support you have shown the Muslim Resource Centre over the years.  The most recent support was through the engagement of Dr. Hussein to facilitate the participation of the Nepalese Elder Community in a workshop on Elder Abuse at CCLC.  The overall participation by the over 40 Nepalese elders made this workshop a phenomenal success.

 The Elder Abuse Project is a program developed by the Social Service Network of Markham.  The workshop that are offered at CCLC are part of a larger initiative across three territories of Ontario, Peel and York region are the other territories.  This program is being offered uniquely to a South Asian community and it is a multi year project funded by the government of Canada.  It is anticipated that this program if successful will expand across Canada to other South Asian communities.  The Nepalese community is identified as South Asian for the purposes of this project but we see the applicability of this approach to other collectivist communities and in particular as a valuable workshop that can be offered to newcomer families in particular those who arrive to Canada with their parents and are immediately faced with significant post migration stressors which can elevate family conflict and result in violence towards women, men, children, and elders.
I also must mention that out of all the regions where this project is being offered no other settlement agency is engaged.  The engagement of MRCSSI and CCLC have great potential and great relevance in this overall project.  I do not believe that any other territory although significantly larger and concentrated with multicultural population has been able to  engage such significant participation by newcomer let alone refugee families.  I look forward to continued success of this project.  The next phase will occur next week with the families of the Elders and in September we will provide an Orientation and workshop for professionals.  We believe together we can have phenomenal success and perhaps this can lead to potential joint projects that will allow for early interventions in situations of Family Violence.  As always, je demeure,
Bien à Vous,
Eugène Tremblay
Program Director

Workshop with Families

Workshop with Families