Dr. Mohammed Baobaid recieves 2012 Victim Services Award

Recipients Of The 2012 Victim Services Awards Of Distinction Dr. Mohammed Baobaid, Executive Director, Muslim Resource Centre For Social Support and Integration London, Ontario Dr. Baobaid is the founder of the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration in London, Ontario. Since arriving in Canada 12 years ago from Yemen, Dr. Baobaid has worked on behalf of victims to raise awareness about domestic violence in Muslim communities in Canada. His organization, which focuses on helping families who have re-located to Canada from international conflict zones, has bridged critical gaps between those communities and anti-violence groups. Dr. Baobaid’s most recent initiative, the Family Honour Project, engages the community to change behaviours by challenging existing beliefs surrounding violence against women and addressing socalled “honour-related violence” by finding alternative ways to address conflict.