Local Service Providers and Community Members Join MRCSSI in “Honour” Related Violence Prevention Workshop

From October 21-23 mainstream service providers, social workers, psychologists and community members joined MRCSSI in a “first of its kind” workshop to utilize the “Cure Violence” model in responding to “Honour Related Violence.”   Members of various social service organizations and of the London Muslim community gathered at CCLC for a three day workshop to integrate the methods of the “Cure Violence” model (a success full program created in the U.S.A to combat gang related violence) into a working plan to deal with “Honour” Related Violence in our communities.

The “Cure Violence” model focusses on treating violence in a similar fashion to how the medical community treats an epidemic.  That is, that violence can be stopped and neutralized at its source.  Those who work for Cure Violence in their communities call themselves “The Interrupters” as they aim to intersect street violence before it happens.

In collaboration with this model, the creative and innovative members of the workshop worked together to better define “honour” related violence and come up with ways that our cultural, faith and service based communities can take prevent this violence before escalation and also redefine the concept of “honour” to exclude violent behaviour in families.

Throughout the workshop, attendees broke into groups to come up with ideas on how to: change people’s mentality towards violence, make strong partnerships with community organizations and even how to market and advertise a campaign against honour related violence.  This workshop was part of MRCSSI’s Family Honour Project which is an ongoing program that seeks to provide families with honourable alternatives to addressing family conflict.