London Community Foundation awards grant to Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response

We are pleased to announce that MRCSSI’s “Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response” (CIFSR) program has been selected by the London Community Foundation as one of the recipients of the 2015 Community Vitality Grant funded by the Smart and Caring Community Fund. This two year grant will assist with providing coordinated culturally integrated supports for under served immigrant and refugee families to prevent and reduce family violence and support organizations to provide culturally appropriate responses.   There is a growing need for culturally integrated services to ensure families receive the help they need. Especially with more newcomer families arriving with complex migratory experiences including pre-migration trauma this work becomes vital. Our goal is to provide families with the appropriate intervention strategies. Thereby, preventing potential violence and strengthening families. This will enrich our community with a generation of Canadians that are emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy. Furthermore, it will allow our community to reinforce a feeling of belongingness within these families through our ability to make them feel understood and our ability to appropriately respond to their needs. This program has 5 main objectives:

1.Building Partnerships

Develop formal service agreements with our existing partners to achieve clearly defined responsibilities and methods of response.

2. Capacity Development & Training

We will developed and shared a highly effective tool kit and a best practice model that can help build the capacity of mainstream service providers to offer highly effective and culturally competent responses to a diverse range of collectivist cultures.

3. CIFSR Implementation

Offer clinical/direct services to residents of London under the Cultural Integrative Family Safety Response model that has been developed at MRCSSI.

4. Developmental Evaluation

Ensure defined measurable and targets.  Implement an evaluation strategy to ensure the most effective and impactful services are being offered.

5. Marketing & Sustainability

A well-developed and evaluated model of service delivery in London will enable MRCSSI to market our services and expertise which will become a source of revenue from training and consultation and move the organization towards long-term sustainability.