MRCSSI Receives Summer Experience Program Funding

Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI) is proud to announce that we are the recipients of the Summer Experience Program with funding provided by the Government of Ontario.  Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ministry of Government Services are co-sponsors of this program.  Through this funding, we have now hired two full time students, Emaan and Fattimah. The Summer Experience Program (SEP) provides not-for-profit organizations, municipalities and Aboriginal/First Nations communities with funding to create meaningful summer employment opportunities for students. SEP positions must focus on activities supporting key sectors within the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, including citizenship, voluntarism, seniors, women, tourism, culture, sport and recreation and offer training for future careers or work experience in skills transferable to the general workforce. Here is a little bit about Emaan and Fattimah.


Emaan is a seventeen year old young Muslim woman entering the Social Justice and Peace program at King’s University College. She is one of the twenty one Community Facilitators involved in the Reclaim Honour project. Within the project, Emaan has been working to better understand the issue of ‘honour-related’ violence, promote constructive dialogue within the community through workshops, community conversations, and other events and collaboratively find solutions to the issue. She is also developing Reclaim Honour’s website. Emaan believes that her involvement with MRCSSI has allowed for her greater awareness of issues pertaining to the community, her acquiring of tools to cope with these issues and the opportunity for her to teach those around her about said issues. In working in an environment such as MRCSSI’s, Emaan has been able to enhance her own interpersonal skills, while learning to work both in a group and independently. Emaan hopes to continue her work with the MRCSSI into the fall and further Reclaim Honour’s impact on the community.


Fattimah is a student at Western University studying anthropology and political sciences. She has a passion for painting and travelling, and is intrigued by human nature. “Since the fall of 2013 I have had the opportunity to work as a community facilitator and recently a project associate on the Reclaim honour and Shared Journeys projects. Participating in these initiatives has been a great learning experience and has broadened my perspective on gender related violence as well as other issues faced by young Muslim women. Employment at the Muslim Resource Centre has helped advance my abilities relating to organization, event planning, as well as developing and facilitating workshops. What I enjoy most about this job is the friendly environment and having had the pleasure of meeting all of my wonderful co- workers who have become my great friends!” We would like to thank the Ontario Government for their continued support for our work and for the the valuable experience they have helped these promising youth obtain through this funding. Tril_Vert_KO