New Funding Announcements

Status of Women Canada Project

We are excited to announce that Status of Women Canada has awarded us a grant in the amount of $224,520 for our upcoming project entitled Creating a Safe Environment for Muslim Women and girls.  This 30-month project is focused on education of community leaders and mentors on issues of violence against women and girls. Violence is a complex matter involving cultural norms that prevent women and girls from speaking out.  Through our training program, we will teach community leaders and mentors about how to recognize signs of violence, prevention strategies, and how to respond to violence. We will also educate and challenge the cultural norms and stigmas that perpetuate violence. Our mentors will give presentations to London’s Muslim community to spread awareness of violence against women and girls. Our goal for these presentations is to empower women and girls to reach out for support when in need. Through education of the community we aim to work toward changing cultural norms and stigmas surrounding violence against women and girls, as well as helping to ensure the safety of women and girls who are at risk of or who are experiencing violence.



 London Community Foundation, Smart and Caring Community Fund

We are pleased to announce that we have received a 2015 Community Vitality Grant from the London Community Foundation Smart and Caring Community Fund. This grant, in the amount of $200,000 over 2 years, will be used to develop and implement our innovative Coordinated and Collaborative Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response model. We collaborate with mainstream service providers to respond to the unique needs of the London Muslim community in a culturally integrative manner. Our model allows us to provide services to protect the safety of families in the London Muslim community who are at risk of or who are experiencing family violence. As more families arrive and settle in London, the need for our services is growing. We hope to use this funding to expand our outreach to help more people. We are developing training materials to bring our model to other communities provincially, nationally, and internationally. In collaborating with other communities we hope to exchange knowledge to further improve our project. Through this shared learning we will be able to better serve the needs of our own community. To see the full list of this year’s recipients, please visit:


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