Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response

The Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response (CIFSR) is an initiative by MRCSSI which consolidates all of our services into a response which prioritizes interrupting the cycle of family violence in its early stages. The CIFSR model aims to bridge the gaps between mainstream service providers and the London Muslim community through outreach, education and service response.

We hold training programs for service providers to develop their understanding of the unique challenges and needs of Muslim families. We educate community leaders and members on how violence impacts families and how to identify early risk factors of honour-based violence. The CIFSR also identifies and addresses pre- and post-migration trauma and stressors that can in some cases cultivate the development of family violence.

With early community intervention, violence can be prevented before the involvement of mandated services is required. Through education and collaboration, we look to build a support system around individuals and families to help reduce incidents of violence.


Development of the model funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


Pilot and implementation of the model funded by the London Community Foundation.