Reclaim Honour Project Featured in London Free Press

Our talented “Reclaim Honour” team has been featured in an article in The London Free Press.  Here is an excerpt from the article.

“For such a complex issue, the plan is simple: Reclaim honour.

It’s what a group of young Muslim women in London — the demographic typically victimized by “honour” violence, which can range from verbal shaming to killings — have set out to do.

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in school gyms, mosques and community centres, they aim to take the shaming and violence out of honour and put the honour back into it.

“We want to reclaim honour from those who do use it to legitimize violence,” said Gina Kayssi, 24. “It’s a hidden issue in the community and having a conversation is the first way to change attitudes.

“The main concept is to allow girls to use their voice.”

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