Reclaim Honour Project Launch a Success!

On Friday February 7th, over 100 people attended the Reclaim Honour project launch at London’s Goodwill Industries Building.  A project consisting of 22 young female community facilitators seeks to challenge so-called “honour” related violence and be leaders in starting a fruitful dialogue on the issue.  This project is unique not only for its community engagement and community building initiatives, but for the fact that in addressing an issue that affects so many young women and girls worldwide, it is the young women themselves that will incorporate their views and experience and truly take the lead in the conversation.

Using a bottom-up approach, this project will aim to create a more complex understanding of the issue in order to develop more culturally appropriate supports and services. 

Sporting purple scarves (the theme colour for the project)  the Reclaim Honour facilitators presented their Mission, Vision and Branding on Friday and got attendees of the event involved in the initial conversation.  

The progress this project is making is exciting and we look forward to what these young women will bring to the table to address this important issue.