Faith and Settlement Partnerships, setting Immigrants and Canada Up for Success

MRCSSI partnered with the Centre for Community Based Research

Purpose and Objectives

The overarching purpose of this project is to collaboratively investigate partnerships among faith-based and government-funded settlement organizations, and to determine how these partnerships can better lead to positive settlement outcomes for newcomers and ultimately benefit Canadian society. The research will be carried out in three Ontario sites (Greater Toronto, Waterloo and London). The project’s specific objectives include:

  1. To conduct a series of research projects that empirically explore ways in which faith-based and settlement organizations currently collaborate, and could better collaborate, to improve settlement outcomes of newcomers to the benefit of Canadian society (insight)
  2. To pursue a series of knowledge mobilization activities that will inform effective faith/settlement partnerships within policy and practice (connection)
  3. To develop a network of researchers (including students and emerging scholars) as well as faith and settlement leaders that will maximize their synergy in promoting and implementing effective faith/settlement partnerships (partnership development)