Structures and Dynamics in Migrant Families – Transnational Processes and Global Challenges, Oldenburg, 24 – 25 April 2015

International Conference Structures and Dynamics in Migrant Families – Transnational Processes and Global Challenges Oldenburg, 24 – 25 April 2015 Organized by ALMIN (Research Project “Migrant One-Parent Families in Lower Saxony”), University of Oldenburg Contact:

MRCSSI is so proud of the recent presentations by Dr. Mohammed Baobaid and Yasmin Hussain at this international conference in Oldenburg, Germany!  

Dear Mohammed,
Thank you very much for your most valuable contribution to our conference “Structures and Dynamics in Migrant Families: Transnational Processes and Global Challenges”. My team and I would like to deepen our cooperation, namely on your key question “What is culturally integrative family violence response?” as an issues that requires research, teaching and capacity building.
Best regards
Dr. Lydia Potts
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Working Group Migration – Gender – Politics
European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations

About the conference:

The conference aims at scrutinizing representations of migrant families in both research and civil society. It includes the discussion of diversities of migrant families and dynamics of change, as well as individual and collective challenges, strategies and agencies.Results of current research will be discussed with respect to their implementation, and practice-related approaches will be related to their impacts on research. Keynotes will combine theory-, research- and practice-related perspectives. A forum for practitioners (including input presentations) and the introduction to the concept for an information handbook for migrant one-parent families offer space to discuss and link theory and praxis. Panel presentations invite to focus on different aspects: a) One-parent-families as a growing family model referring to migration perspectives and positionings, b) Transnational practices of parenting and family, including questions of care, networks and labour, c) Migrant and transnational perspectives on marriage, partnership and divorce, d) Transformations and dynamics of gender concepts in migration and integration contexts. The conference brings together researchers and scholars from migration studies, family sociology, gender studies, psychology and education, as well as practitioners, e.g. involved in migrant organizations, counselling and social policy.